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Industrial Wafer bisuit Machine

Wafer bisuit

The Wafer Biscuit Machine is used to make a wide range of dimensions wafer biscuits with different capacities for customers’ options form 27/39/45/41/63/75/87 baking plats.

Typical products such as wafter biscuit ,Sugar wafer,wafer balls,cream filled wafers,and all kinds shapes of wafer.

Our plants are designed for the industrial production of flat wafers and flat-shaped wafers. We deliver from manual plants for test marketing trial purposes to fully automatic plants, incorporating dough mixing to packing of machines.

We have shel-fintegrity-building systems which can build the wafer machine in 2-4weeks.

wafer machine1
Wafer bisuit
wafer machine2
Wafer bisuit
wafer machine3
Wafer bisuit
wafer machine4
Wafer bisuit
wafer machine5
Wafer bisuit

About Our Biscuit Machines


1batter mixing

This batter mixing system constitutes of: batter mixing tank and batter storage tank and pumps and fittings for transferring batter.

Two tanks and pump design for alternate mixing,the mixer insde is dpecical design form us which reduce the mixing time to 5minutes per batch for the machine.

In the wafer line, there is wastage from the cutting and other process that a Smashing machine minimize the overall wastage of wafer baking system that is about 2%.

A Smashing equipment is used to grind the discarded wafer in to a reusable form. The ground material can be used as additive cream depending on the requirement. The smashing or grinding machine is constructed out of Stainless Steel material to maintain hygiene of the reusable products.

It has automatic scram logics if the top lid open it will automatic stop as safe device.

Wafer bisuit Product

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