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Starchless Candy Depositing Line

A Leading Supplier of Industrial Candy Machines

At Biscuit Machinery, we are a leading name in the commercial manufacturing of confectionery and sweet-food machines. That’s why we are proud to work with businesses in providing industrial candy machines and starchless candy depositing lines that can be tailored to the needs of the customer. Our industrial candy manufacturing machine specialists will work to understand your needs and provide a solution that meets both functionality expectations and size requirements.

Starchless Depositing Line

Production throughput range

8000-10000 Pieces/ Minute
480,000-600,000 Pieces/Hour
15+ tons /8Hr Shift
860 sq. ft.

Production range

Gummy candies
Jelly candies
Hard candies
Taffy&caramel candies

Product range

Functional candy
Center fill
Two color side by side
Striple or layers

The traditional starchless candy machine max can produce 800kg/h so lots of large-tonnage candy factories choose the Starch mogul line instead of when they need more than 1tons/hour capacity.

But now has invented a starchless gummy candy production line that can reach 2tons/hour with only 50ft in length and only 1/10cost of the starch mogul line.

There are multiple methods to mold gummies. The starch mogul line will require starch as the molds and depositing inside the starch molds then drying the gummies and starch together. Therefore the full process will need a tray stacking system, Starch drying system, Starch loading, and stamping system, Starch circulation system, Depositing unit, and millions of trays, and with a dusty workshop environment and Danger of flour explosion.

Especially when customers want to make pharmaceutical candies, and local laws do not allow the use of recycled starch involved inside the production process.

Our starchless depositing line can produce 600,000pcs/min which can reach 2tons/hr capacity. With automatic drying system to have real automation from the beginning to packing.

It can produce 4colors at the same time with 50strokes per minute can produce jelly candy, hard candy, and toffee candy on the same machine.

The starchless approach allows the customer to fully clean and sanitize, our molds between production runs to ensure there’s no cross-contamination of ingredients.

We continuously adapt our operations — through both automation and innovation — to stay at the forefront of the industry. When it comes to each step of manufacturing, it’s crucial to be meticulous and fully committed to both quality and efficiency.

Our continuous cooking technologies bring exceptional levels of reliability, efficiency, and low production costs Compared to the ordinary kitchen.

Manufacture of unique high-quality confectionery and nutraceuticals with a high return on investment for the long term.


Automatic Kitchen system

Production throughput range

Starchless Gummy Depositing Line1

Starchless Gummy Depositing Line

Weighting & cooking with Plc program setting

Batching to packaging in < 30 mins

20+ tons /8Hr Shift

400 sq. ft.

Liquid flow meter

Microfilm cooker/Contuines cooker /Mass aerator

Acid & phramcy metering system

Color flavor auto feeder & mixing

CIP cleaning function

Production range

Gummy candies

Jelly candies

Hard candies


Taffy&caramel candies

Gummy candy vacuum cooker

This machine was advanced and suitable for cooking pectin, agar, carrageenan, and other modified starch for gummy production. Closed-loop cooking using temperature or pressure modes achieve an accurate final cooked temperature or moisture for shorter gummy drying time longer shelflife and fewer bubbles during the continuous process.

Gummy candy vacuum cooker

Micro-film vacuum cooker

Its unique, thin-film cooking process delivers consistent high quality across many types of sugar and sugar-free confectionery syrups for hard candy and lollipops.

Micro-film vacuum cooker

A hinged rotor sweeps a thin, even film of syrup onto the inside of the tube where it cooks quickly With high output, high transparency of syrup for longer shelf life, and convenient operation, it is the First choice for high-quality candies.

Toffee & caramel cooker

These are the cookers for Low Boiled Sweets such as soft and chewy candies, caramel, toffees, and fudges.

And Caramel Use A High-Efficiency Plate Heat Exchanger To Cook The Basic Sugar/ Glucose Pre-Mix, While Condensed Milk, Or Other Heat Sensitive Agents, Are Injected Into The Mass After The PHE And Then Cooked Inside A Caramelizing Vessel To Develop Desired Colour And Flavour. That Simple And Maintenance Free System Allows To Produce Premium Quality Toffees And Caramel With High Milk Content. 

Milk candy &Taffy cooker

This continuous vacuum microfilm cooker is used on milk candy,hard toffee etc…

Milk candy &Taffy cooker

The difference is that will protect the Ingredients of dairy products from the high temperature from the normal cooker and keep the maximum dairy flavor.

Continuous aerator

Three temper zoon with hot & cold chiller to control for the aerator machine during the mixing for better result of the aerating process.

Inside with dense mixing rod to high-speed rotary to achieve the desired density and structure.

Automatic Drying System

Production throughput range

40+ tons /24Hr

16ft high

10,000-20,000 sq. ft. Footprint


Automatic Kitchen system1 has invented an automatic drying system that customers only require adding the raw material in the beginning and can get the final packing product at the end of the tunnel. The drying system with cold or hot dehumidification function and Sterilization and metal detection in the line.

Automatic Kitchen system

Sugar sanding and oil/wax polishing as operations too.

Automatic Drying System

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