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Industrial Biscuit Manufacturing Machines

A Multifunctional Biscuit Production Line for Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers

As a leading name in industrial biscuit manufacturing machines, Biscuit Machinery has worked with a number of businesses across Canada, America, and beyond supplying them with state-of-the-art biscuit machines suited to their needs. These biscuit production lines are ideal for the manufacturing of hard and soft biscuits, with equipment that can be combined and displayed in accordance with your local space or technical requirements.

A One-Stop Solution For Biscuit Production

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By swapping out different molds, our biscuit production machines can be used to create a wide selection of different biscuit varieties and types.

These include:

  • Vegetable biscuits
  • Cream biscuits
  • Soda cracker biscuits
  • Sandwich biscuits
  • Animal biscuits
  • Many, many more

This dedication to versatility is why Biscuit Machinery is proud to be a one-stop solution for industrial biscuit manufacturing needs. Each of our machines can be customised to suit your space requirements, and each can be tailored to suit a variety of biscuit-making jobs and processes.

About Our Biscuit Machines

  • German design team drawings
  • Double roller for Rotary Molder with printing and cutting
  • Automatic deviation correction of the conveying system
  • More adjustable dough thickness
  • Low damage rate, effectively preventing the waste of raw materials
  • The oven has 2-5 temperature zones, which is more convenient to adjust
  • New oven cycle design, more energy saving
  • Natural thermal insulation material, care for the health of users
  • Over 20 engineers with many overseas installation experience
  • Formula available for each customer
  • Quick lead time
  • Technology supporting online within 24 hours
  • Annual maintenance
  • All the electric parts are using the international brands for longer life
  • Design with fully automatic/semi-automatic based on your budget
  • Design layout according to customers factory space
  • Provide customized shapes for different biscuit molds
  • R-shapes bending and waterproof sandblasting coating for longer usage
  • Electrical parts with international brands for longer service life
  • Warning signs of hidden parts and protection for safely using
  • Temperature control separately
  • Under CE certificate, and reaching to the GMP standards

Biscuit Product

We will design the best layout according to your factory space and equip the most suitable machines to make your ideal biscuits.


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