Are you interested in knowing how ship biscuit is manufactured in factories? If you do, you should read this article! We will cover the Ingredients and preparation methods of this delicious treat. You’ll also learn where you can buy it! Here’s how to find the best places to buy ship biscuits in the UK. It is a delicious and simple snack that is a must-try for anyone who loves biscuits!

Machines used to make ship biscuits

Biscuits were once a luxury item for the European bourgeoisie. During the Industrial Revolution, biscuit manufacturing expanded and factories introduced new types of biscuits. Smoother travel systems made brittle biscuits less likely to break while traveling. In addition, sheet metal manufacturing enabled the manufacture of boxes for the biscuits, which were also used for advertising. This led to the creation of global brands such as Huntley & Palmers.

These systems consist of a series of conveyors and unit machines that transport the product from the outfeed of an oven to the infeed of a wrapping machine. They are modular and can be configured to meet the needs of different companies. Typical biscuit handling systems comprise a lane distributor, flip stacker, and servo-controlled channelling board. Biscuit-making equipment also features automatic feeding to the wrapping machines.


The basic ship biscuit recipe dates back to the eighteenth century. Most biscuits had almost no taste, and were simply baked with flour and water, but some recipes called for vigorous beating of the dough, resulting in a softer, lighter end product. Another traditional ship biscuit recipe called for whipping egg whites for hours on end. This process produced an early form of leavening, and the finished biscuit was a light, fluffy treat. These biscuits were commonly sweetened with sugar, although today’s version usually does not contain this added ingredient.

The basic ingredients of ship biscuits are flour, water, and salt. Some recipes are more authentic than others. While the table below lists the possible combinations, the recipe further up the page is the most authentic and palatable. Biscuits are similar to hardtack, a baked dough made from flour, salt, and water. While ship biscuits contain little protein, they are high in carbohydrates and are high in calories. Despite their poor nutritional value, sailors ate hardtack every day to stay hydrated and avoid scurvy.

Methods of preparation

Various methods are used to prepare nutritious ship biscuits. Extruded meal is one of them. The mixture of white sugar, glucose, and salt is mixed evenly. The mixture is then pressed into a cake form and baked or smashed. The remaining ingredients, including sesame, milk powder, and green tea powder, are mixed well. This mixture is then cooled and dried in high-speed biscuit compressors.

Different recipes required different methods for preparing ship biscuits. Some recipes called for violent beating of the dough, which softened the final product and gave it a light texture. Eggs were beaten for long periods, which led to an early form of leavening. Although sugar was usually added, ship biscuits were typically not sweet. To make them more palatable, they were often soaked in water or liquor before baking.

Places to buy ship biscuits

During the 1800s, whalers and other seafarers used ship biscuits to survive the long ocean voyages. These biscuits had various markings, depending on their period and place of production. Biscuits with ‘victualling yard’ letters are called ‘W’, ‘V’, ‘C’, and ‘M’. Biscuits with a broad arrow called a ‘Pheon’ are called ‘King’s’ biscuits.

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