how is milk biscuit manufactured in factory

A milk biscuit is made by mixing the ingredients in a mixer. Various factors influence the mixing of ingredients, including their type, order, quantity, and temperature. The ingredients vary, including the amount of ammonium bicarbonate and water, which are used in the dough making process. The ammonium bicarbonate increases the height of the biscuits. The remaining ingredients are a mix of flour, sugar, and salt.

Ingredients in milk biscuits

Making milk biscuits is simple. All you need is milk, a small amount of sugar, and all purpose flour. Combine them well. You can also add sesame seeds, ghee, and semolina. After the ingredients are combined well, press the biscuits to form a round disc. Once cooled, store them in an airtight container. To make them even tastier, add some chocolate chips.

Butter is another important ingredient in milk biscuits. Make sure that you place the butter in the freezer 30 minutes before starting to mix. You can also use a box grater to grate the butter. When you mix the dry ingredients and add the butter, make sure to incorporate it well. You should also stir it well. Add the remaining liquid to make a dough that is pliable and springy. Then, add the fillings.

Continuous mixing

During the production of milk biscuits, the dough is continuously mixed in a mixer. The mixing process involves the introduction of air into the dough and the removal of some air through the sheeting process. The amount of gas in the doughs varies depending on the type and extent of sheeting. The degree of degassing also varies from type to type. A good understanding of how air behaviour in biscuit doughs affects the final biscuits will help manufacturers control and manage their processes and produce more diverse products.

The main ingredients in milk biscuits are water, butter, salt, and yeast. Water is used as a solvent for gluten formation, and salt is added to enhance the flavor and texture. The dough also contains emulsifiers and conditioners, which help stabilize the mixtures of immiscible liquids. Dough conditioners improve the texture and crumb structure of biscuits. The consistency of the dough depends on how long it is mixed. The mixing time is necessary to achieve the desired sheet thickness for molding, and the biscuits are then formed according to the size and shape desired.

Basic raw material

A profitable business in biscuit manufacturing requires a detailed business plan that takes into account all the factors including marketing and distribution, production, and quality. Biscuits are a fast-growing market, and experts believe that this trend will continue to rise over time. Hence, now is the right time to start a biscuit factory. In addition, this business is both profitable and lucrative. Here are some steps to take to make your biscuit manufacturing project a reality:

Wheat flour: A bakery needs to have a consistent supply of wheat flour, so that biscuit manufacturing can continue smoothly and efficiently. Other essential raw materials include sugar, baking powder, and other essentials. In addition, biscuit manufacturers need to invest in packaging materials. The packaging should be both moisture-proof and FSSAI-compliant. Listed below are the basics for creating milk biscuits:

Biscuit sandwiching

Production of sandwich biscuits in a factory involves mixing and fermenting the ingredients, pressing, shaping, and detection. Temperatures are important in producing the final product. After the final steps, finished products are transferred to the baking area for baking. This is located near the maintenance workshop, packaging area, and toilet. The ovens are used for a number of purposes, including ensuring the perfect fusion of the biscuit and filling.

In sandwich biscuit manufacturing, weight control is of the utmost importance. The cream filling and shells must have sufficient density to adhere together. A biscuit with too high a cream filling will be soft or hard, or have an uneven cream layer and split in the middle. The process of creating sandwich biscuits requires precise process control, a skilled workforce, and specialized equipment. A fully automated milk biscuit sandwiching line by Tanis Food Tec uses a TFT RotoTemp scraped surface heat exchanger (SFC) to feed the cream into the stencil shaft, which is mounted on a rotating cylinder.

Cream filling

The simple, flaky and fluffy texture of milk biscuits makes them a perfect vessel for cream filling. Whether you want a little butter with your biscuit, or something a little more substantial like gravy, a cream filling is the perfect complement. These biscuits are easy to prepare and require only a few ingredients, and the recipe is simple to follow. Make them at home today! Here are the steps to make them:

First, let’s talk about the ingredients. Unlike other biscuits, cream biscuits contain no butter at all. Instead, the fat in heavy cream is suspended in milk, giving it the mouth-coating consistency. The fat crystals in heavy cream are too small to be felt in the mouth, but large enough to lend the cream a rich, full-bodied consistency. Also, heavy cream contains 36 to 40 percent fat. These components help give the biscuit dough its tender texture and moistness.


After baking, the biscuits are transferred to a metal conveyor belt where they are placed in an oven. Some biscuits are coated with flavorings or vitamins before they are packaged. The final step is packaging. A corrugated fiber carton is used to store the biscuits. Packaging machines pack the biscuits by weight. Then, they are sent to the store. There, the biscuits are wrapped. Lastly, the biscuits are shipped.

The most basic ingredient of biscuits is flour. Different biscuit recipes contain different types of flour for different textures. Whole meal wheat flour is used for digestive biscuits. Oatmeal biscuits are made using rice flour or corn flour. Biscuits also have fats in them, which give the biscuits their “shortness.” Vegetable or refined oils are used to enhance the taste. Sugar is used as an additive to biscuits and binds the other ingredients.

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