Cheese sandwiches are an American classic and have been around since ancient Rome. However, they only became popular in the United States in the early 1900s after a cheese-processing system was patented by James L. Kraft. It also brought affordable factory-sliced white bread to the market. Today, the number of cheeses and breads available at supermarkets has grown alarmingly. The possibilities for cheese sandwiches are endless if a creative chef can think outside the box.

Arena Cheese

If you’ve ever wondered how an Arena Cheese sandwich is made, then you’ll be glad to know that the first one was made in a factory! Located in the Wisconsin River Valley near the city of Spring Green, Arena Cheese is home to the world’s first co-jack cheese. Since the factory was founded in 1979, cheesemakers at Arena Cheese have been creating co-jack cheese with the same recipes and techniques. The company’s dedication to the quality of its cheese has ensured that its delicious and authentic sandwiches have been on the market for over thirty years.

You can visit the factory to sample the delicious, creamy cheese for yourself. You can also visit the Arena Cheese retail shop located next to the factory. The factory is open seven days a week and production takes place on Monday through Friday. The cheese itself is so fresh that you can taste it by using your tongue! Guests who visit the factory will leave satisfied with their purchase. If you aren’t a cheese fan, don’t worry: you can still visit the factory. Just make sure you bring your camera!

Loleta Cheese Factory

For a unique Californian experience, visit the Loleta Cheese Factory, which produces award-winning artisan cheese and has a glass-encased open-vat manufacturing plant. You can also sample their cheese and enjoy a picnic in the garden, which has a colorful flower garden. To complement your cheese sandwich, try some of the company’s other items, including gourmet grilled cheese bars and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Despite the high-quality ingredients, Loleta Cheese’s cheese sandwich has a high price tag. The price is hefty, but the cheese sandwiches are well worth the money. The company offers a delicious alternative to other cheese sandwich makers. Founded in 1970 by cheese sandwich enthusiasts, it has won many awards and accolades for its high-quality cheeses. However, the company’s troubles didn’t stop there. As a result, the company’s debt and credit card debt have skyrocketed.

Hook’s Cheese Co.

If you’re looking for a great Wisconsin cheese, consider visiting Hook’s Cheese Co. in Mineral Point. This small cheesemaker has won national and international awards. The cheese is aged for up to 20 years before being released in 500-pound blocks. It is made locally from milk produced on local dairy farms. Customers are encouraged to buy a large chunk to share with friends and family. Hook’s cheese can be found in many grocery stores and specialty markets, including Whole Foods and Hy-Vee.

The cheeses at the Hook’s Cheese Company are made in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, by Tony and Julie Hook. They are made from cow milk grown within 4 miles of the cheese factory. The cheeses are slowly aged in caves under temperature and humidity control. The cheeses are ready for consumption in June. Hook’s Cheese Co. has won many awards for their cheese, but the most prize-winning cheeses are their extra-aged varieties. The cheeses are sold at several stores in Wisconsin and can be ordered online.

Loleta Cheese

When you think about a cheese sandwich, do you imagine the texture of a brick oven? If so, you should visit the Loleta Cheese Factory in Northern California. This small cheese factory is just 5 minutes off of the freeway and offers a free tour of the manufacturing process. You can sample more than 20 different varieties of cheese and learn about the history of cheese making. This place is truly a treat!

The Loleta Cheese Factory was owned by Robert Laffranchi for 37 years. The restaurant closed last year, but the cheese is still sold at grocery stores in Northern California, although not in Humboldt County. Stokes was enamored with the sandwich recipe when he purchased a sub-brand of the Loleta Cheese Factory and an in-house grilled cheese shop. He reproduced the recipe in his Woodland location and sold it under the Robert Stokes brand at a number of Safeway stores in the Bay Area, Sacramento Valley, and Reno.

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