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Soft Biscuit Making Machines

soft biscuit making machine

Soft biscuit production line

Capacity form 200kg-2.5tons/h

This machine can make typical products such as shortbread,

soft biscuit, cookies, Chocolate cookies by changing different shapes of the rotary molds.

Dough mixer machine for soft biscuit production line

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This dough mixer for soft biscuits mixing system with intelligent PLC control system & touch screen system with removal signal transmission.

Connecting with an automatic dough cutter & conveyor system can be fully automated processing soft biscuits.

Rotary molder for biscuit processing

El accionamiento de doble potencia para la moldeadora rotativa de galletas blandas y el transportador se puede ajustar por separado.

Con cinturón de lona sin fin, conexión perfecta, mejor efecto de moldeado de galletas;
The high degree of automation by electrical control and automatic tensioned and adjusted.

When purchasing cookie processing machines or any other bakery equipment we highly recommend that customers test equipment prior to committing to a purchase.

High-quality products rely on high-quality processing technologies.

We all take for granted that every packet of biscuits that we open will contain perfectly baked and textured.

Actualmente, nuestro equipo ofrece demostraciones de equipos de cortesía, recorridos por la fábrica para garantizar que el cliente tenga la máquina más adecuada para sus productos de galletas.
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Tunnel baking oven for baking biscuits

Baking temperature & time

Baking it the key of a delicacy product, our baking oven can customzied to differnt termperture zoon ,each oven zone is available with a variety of options to create a cost-effective system with a combination of radiation, convection heating and conduction.

El horno de galletas puede hacer diferentes recursos de horneado, como zonas de horneado de gas directo, convección y combinación radiante/convección para mejorar la eficiencia del horneado.

Control repetible de tiempo, temperatura, humedad y tipo de transferencia de calor

Máximo control sobre la calidad, el color, el sabor y la textura. Preconstruido en nuestra fábrica para una instalación rápida o ensamblado en el sitio.

Whether you want to increase the diversity of your existing product line or expand your existing biscuit production, choosing the right equipment is the key. Correct biscuit production equipment can improve efficiency without sacrificing product quality.

Biscuit sandwiching machine

We can offer turnkey service form cream mixing to packing for two or three layers of biscuits.



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