What Is a Biscuit Production Line?

The línea de producción de galletas is essentially the heart of your biscuit-making enterprise. It’s an integrated assembly line of machinery, designed for efficient and high-quality biscuit production. The line usually comprises the following key components:


Mezclador de masa

The dough mixer is where it all starts. It’s crucial for preparing consistent, high-quality dough. A good mixer ensures that all ingredients are well-integrated, setting the stage for the subsequent steps.


Lamination & Gauge Roller

After the dough is prepared, it goes through the lamination and gauge roller machine. This step is crucial for getting the dough to the desired thickness and texture. Some machines even allow for multiple layers, essential for specific types of biscuits.


Cortador giratorio

The rotary cutter is used to shape the biscuits. It cuts the laminated dough into the desired shapes before they are sent into the oven. The cutter can usually be customised to produce different shapes and sizes.


Moldeadora rotativa

For softer dough that cannot be handled by the rotary cutter, a rotary moulder is used. It shapes the dough by pressing it into moulds.


Horno de cocción

The baking oven is where the magic happens. It’s essential to ensure the oven provides consistent heat for the perfect bake. Some advanced models even offer various zones for different heat settings during the baking process.


Oil Sprayer Machine

Finally, the oil sprayer gives your biscuits that desirable shine and can even add additional flavors. It’s the final touch that makes the biscuit ready for packaging.


How to Choose the Right Biscuit-Making Machinery

Choosing the right machinery is crucial for the efficiency and quality of your biscuit production. Here are some tips:

  • Quality Over Cost: Though cost is a factor, never compromise on quality. Cheap machinery can result in poor biscuit quality and frequent breakdowns.
  • Flexibilidad: Choose machinery that can handle different types of biscuits. This will allow you to expand your product range without major changes in the production line.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Machines that are easy to clean and maintain will save you both time and money in the long run.
  • Vendor Reliability: Always opt for machinery from reputable vendors. Look for companies that offer excellent post-sales services like maintenance and parts replacement.



What Products Can A Standard Biscuit Machine Produce?

The versatility of a biscuit production line allows it to produce different types of biscuits. Here are some common types:


Hard Biscuits

Hard biscuits like ‘Digestive’ or ‘Marie’ can be easily produced with minor adjustments in the dough mixing and baking stages.


Soft Dough Biscuits

Soft dough biscuits like ‘Cookies’ often require a rotary moulder for shaping due to their softer texture.


Filled or Coated Biscuits

Filled or coated biscuits like ‘Oreo’ or ‘Cream biscuits’ will require additional modules for filling and coating, but they can certainly be produced on a standard line with the necessary add-ons.




What is the most crucial machine in a biscuit production line?

All machines play vital roles; however, the dough mixer and baking oven are critical for biscuit quality.

Can I produce different types of biscuits on the same production line?

Yes, most modern production lines are flexible and can be adjusted to produce different types of biscuits.

How do I maintain my biscuit machine?

Regular cleaning and periodic maintenance are essential. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Is it easy to find replacement parts for industrial biscuit machines?

Yes, if you choose a reputable vendor, finding replacement parts shouldn’t be a problem.

What’s the lifespan of a typical biscuit production line?

With proper maintenance, a high-quality production line can last for many years.


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¿Por qué comprarnos producción de galletas y bizcochos?

Liderazgo global: Como líder mundial en maquinaria para la fabricación de galletas, reunimos lo mejor del diseño alemán, la ingeniería canadiense, el servicio japonés y la velocidad china para ofrecer una calidad y eficiencia incomparables.
Tecnología innovadora: Con más de 20 patentes para máquinas de galletas y dulces, estamos a la vanguardia de la innovación, incorporando los últimos avances tecnológicos para mejorar el rendimiento y la productividad.
Soluciones Integrales: Desde líneas de producción de galletas hasta líneas de producción de obleas, ofrecemos una amplia gama de maquinaria, proporcionando una solución integral para todas sus necesidades de fabricación de galletas.
Seguro de calidad: Nuestra dedicación a la ingeniería de seguridad y calidad garantiza que nuestra maquinaria cumpla con los más altos estándares, garantizando un rendimiento confiable y duradero.
Opciones de personalización: Entendemos que cada instalación de producción es única, por eso ofrecemos opciones de personalización para adaptar nuestra maquinaria a sus requisitos específicos, garantizando una integración perfecta en sus operaciones.
Soporte experto: Nuestro equipo de expertos brinda soporte integral, desde la instalación y capacitación hasta el mantenimiento continuo, garantizando que usted aproveche al máximo su inversión en nuestra maquinaria.

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