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Industrial Cookie

Soft dough biscuit & cookie production machine

Capacity form 200-1200kg/h

Wire Cut, Rout Press Extruded, Co-Extruded, and Deposited functions for tranational high fat soft doughs for cookies.

Typical products such as butter cookies ,Chocolate Chip Cookies,Drop cookies, Spritz Cookies,Shortbread, Fig Bar, Viennese Whirls , Custard Cream & Digestive.

Rotary moulder/printing typical products such as shortbread,

soft biscuit,cookies,Chocolate cookies by change different shapes of the rotary molds.

About Our Biscuit Machines

A: Dough Type

To find a suitable machine to produce your cookies we need know if the dough is soft dough or batter similar to meringue?

Different fat such as butter, margarine, oils content will case the dough sticky when handled.

This is a every important of mixing temperture and mixer roller type and when transitioning to automatic cookie production will need different types of convery.

B:Extra addings inside the dough

For having Diversified products customers will add chocolate chips or different organic products like grains or seasoned seed material inside the dough.

Understanding customers’ current production process will help our team similarly conduct equipment demonstration that you would implement equipment in your facility. This includes current methodologies form mixing.


C: Transportation

Transfer the dough to the Biscuit & Cookie Production Equipment our machine will handle the dough gently throughout the gauging process and avoid stressing the dough sheet. Our dough transfer system can handle up to 2 tons of soft dough at the same time.

The formed dough sheet is then passed to the rotary wire-cutter or extruder to obtain perfect cookies biscuits of any shape.

Soft dough biscuit & cookie Product

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