Compact wafer

Compact wafer production machine suitable for the production of first class quality flat wafers. These machines can be Equipped with 18, 24 30, 36,48, 60 & 72 baking plates according to the required output. The machine is built with a steel frame of rigid construction. An endless chain conveys the baking plates on their carriers through the baking chamber driven by a chain drive infinitely variable in speed through its range.

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This production line consists of beating machine, wafer forming machine, wafer sheet cooling machine, cream coating machine, cold dryer, a slicer and wafer crusher



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Butter cookies, Center filling cookies, chocolate cookies

The cookie production line process is similar to Soft biscuits, with a slightly higher moisture content. It is extruded or cut to shape by an extrusion mechanism. By changing different nozzles, adjusting the nozzle rotation method to produce different flower-shaped cookie products




Lines with capacity from 100 to 2000 kg/h

Shortbread biscuits are usually rich in sugar and fat, and have a more delicate taste. The production steps are simpler than soda biscuits. They can be baked in the oven after roll printing, and the space requirements are relatively smaller.

Production of sugar biscuit of various shapes, sizes, patterns on the surface and flavors with a quick transition from one type of product to another




Lines with capacity from 100 to 1200 kg/h

Tough biscuits(Hard biscuit) and soda biscuits(Cracker) are the most common types of biscuits.

Within the family of dry biscuits (Hard biscuit, Soda biscuit, Cracker).we find the typical French “Marie” and the “Petit Beurre” , the British “Oswego”, but also the families of “soda crackers “,” snack crackers“.

The whole production line includes the steps of raw material processing, dough mixing, forming, baking, cooling, sandwiching, packaging, etc.

The production process is as follows. The mixed dough is rolled and laminated to form a rich layered dough. The roller cutting mechanism presses out different patterns and shapes. After baking, various layers of rich and crispy biscuits are obtained. It is very convenient to adjust the style, just need to replace different molds.

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How to make gummy candy(Home made)

First prepare the ingredients:
  1. Jell gums(pectin,gelatin,carrageenan,starch)
  2. Syrup
  3. White sugar
  4. Water
  5. Color & flavor(Or juice)
  6. Oil or starch (Avoid sticky on the mold & not nesseary)
Second prepare the tools:
  1. Mixer or Grinder
  2. Spoon or dropper or pastry bag
  3. Soft silicone molds
  4. Pot

Steps :

If you are using block or sheet type gelatin need soak with cold/warm water(Not hot and need calculate the weight into the totoal water )

  1. Put juice & sugar & syrup & water together to melt,Don’t forget mixing at the same time until all the sugar melts, Suggest use low temperature so it won’t burn the sugar into brown sugar.

2. Add your powder jello gum/soaked gelatin inside and don’t forget to mix too till it melts & mix well. You can add a little bit of starch to make the liquid thicker. And if you are not using juice it’s the step to add color & flavor or even vitamins inside too.

3. Dropper then into the silicone molds and wait for its natural cool.
Or you can put it into the refrigerator for 30 minutes or longer.


  1. If adding too much starch inside will cause the gummies less density and chew…
  2. You can brush the oil or corn starch on the molds if the gummy is hard to de-mold
  3. If you use the refrigerator to cool for more than 30minute, then suggest store a shorter time and it must less chew than the other because it has a lot of water content inside or the glue was broken.
  4. There are few ways to increase the density by reducing the water inside the recipe; Use lower temperature to cook; Adding more gum inside or use higher speed gum instead; Even dry the gummies after it finished.

What is gummy candy

Gummies are available in a wide variety of shapes, most commonly colorful depictions of living things such as bears, babies, or worms.
Gummy candy as well as jelly candy are gum based chew-able sweets.

Types of gummies:

By shape:

  • gummy bear
  • gummy worm
  • gummy ring
  • jelly bean
  • gumdrop

By function :

  • Vitamin gummies
  • Hair care gummies
  • Iron gummies
  • CBD gummies
  • THC gummies

By color :

  • Single color
  • center-filled
  • side by side
  • Layer by layer

配图@biscuitmachinery(添加超链) can do all kinds types of gummies


The main ingredients are:

  • Glucose syrup
  • White sugar
  • different gum base(pectin,gelatin,carrageenan)
  • water and different food acids such as citric acid
  • color flavor or starch
Forming gummies:

Ingredients cook in certain temperature and PH level them transfer then into different molds wait it cooling & gumming & forming.

Candy molds

There are lots of types of materials for candy molds,such as soft silicone molds,metal molds,aluminium molds,Plastic molds…
If you want know more about molds超链接到模具)

Drying gummies:

After remove the candy form the molds the shapes is formed but the moisture is still high,so we need to removed the moisture inside the gummies to reach the enough jell strength by drying them in certain temperature and humidity.Then it will be ready to chew~
If you are looking for drying tarys

Q1: How many types of gums we can choose for forming the gummies?

-A:There are 4 common types of gum:Gelatin,Pectin,carrageenan,Starch…
If you want to know more about the difference you can go to Gelatin,pectin,Carrageenan,Starch with gummy candy & How to make gummy candy know more about.

Q2: Why some of the gummies are unfriendly to Muslim or Vegetarianism?

-A: That is because of the Gelatin type made gummies, Gelatin is mostly from animals especially cowhide, for these groups customers suggest chose Pectin or Carrageenan…

Q3: Another function can the gummies have?

-A: Yes, In recent years more and more people pay attention to health care,Begin with mifufuntional vitamins for kids;Hair or collagen beauty care for wonmen;Melatonin gummies for sleep;And now even CBD or THC added in gummies and for pet care…Its begin in widely used in more pharmaceutical area and of cause the selling price will be more advantageous than traditional candy industry.
If you want to know more about How to make gummy candy @biscuitmachinery blog.