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About Biscuitmachinery​

Start with Germany design team
Build by Canada engineering team

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20+ Patents for biscuit and candy machines


About Our

Safety as value

Care the safety for the machine operator Care the food safety Care the machine life maintenance Conforms WHO, CSA,GMP, CE,UL, CSA standards compliance Warning and instructions on each part


Plant layout & Full Scope machine design Product development & update QC,ISO process control Proposal and budget analysis Formula consultation and support


Oversea installation training and problem solving Local mechanical & recipe base knowledge lesson Spare parts center system Quick Air Delivery of Accessories Online lesson for machine maintenance Software remote update Faster delivery times

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About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

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Start with Germany design team,

Build by Canada engineering team.

Addr:276 Hickory Circle,Oakville, Canada


USA:+1 571 496 1574 

Canda:+1 905 808 9869