Here are 20 biscuit manufacturers in the USA:

  1. Keebler Company – A well-known manufacturer of cookies and crackers, including famous brands like Chips Deluxe and Cheez-It. Website
  2. Nabisco – A subsidiary of Mondelez International, Nabisco is famous for its Oreo, Chips Ahoy!, and Ritz crackers. Website
  3. Pepperidge Farm – Known for their distinctive cookies such as Milano and Chessmen, as well as Goldfish crackers. Website
  4. Archway Cookies – Specializes in homestyle cookies like oatmeal, molasses, and chocolate chip. Website
  5. Lance – Produces a variety of sandwich crackers and cookies, including the popular Nekot and ToastChee crackers. Website
  6. Stauffer’s – Known for their animal crackers and ginger snaps. Website
  7. Tate’s Bake Shop – Famous for their thin, crispy chocolate chip cookies and other baked goods. Website
  8. Voortman Bakery – Offers a range of cookies, including sugar-free and wafer varieties. Website
  9. Dare Foods – A Canadian company with a presence in the US, known for their Breton crackers and Bear Paws cookies. Website
  10. Back to Nature Foods – Offers a variety of cookies and crackers made with simple ingredients. Website
  11. Austin’s – A brand under Kellogg’s, known for their sandwich crackers and cookies. Website
  12. Mother’s Cookies – Famous for their Circus Animal Cookies and other classic cookie varieties. Website
  13. Murray Biscuit Company – A subsidiary of Kellogg’s, known for their sugar-free cookies and sandwich crackers. Website
  14. Shearer’s Foods – Produces a range of snack products, including cookies and crackers. Website
  15. Diamond Bakery – Based in Hawaii, known for its Hawaiian cookies and crackers. Website
  16. Alyssa’s Cookies – Offers healthy oatmeal cookies with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Website
  17. Byron Bay Cookie Company – An Australian company with a presence in the US, known for their gourmet cookies. Website
  18. Dancing Deer Baking Company – Specializes in gourmet cookies, brownies, and cakes. Website
  19. Otis Spunkmeyer – Offers a wide range of cookies, muffins, and other baked goods for food service and retail. Website
  20. Walkers Shortbread – A Scottish company with a strong presence in the US, known for its shortbread cookies. Website

These manufacturers produce a variety of biscuits and cookies, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Top 20 biscuit manufacturers & Supplier in the USA

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