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Biscuit Machinery: Biscuit Manufacturing Machine Suppliers

Bringing together German design, Canadian engineering, Japanese service, and Chinese speed, Biscuit Machinery is a global leader in the development and distribution of biscuit manufacturing machinery and commercial cookie machines. Biscuit Machinery holds 20+ patents for biscuit and candy machines and with our dedication to safety and quality engineering, we are your one-stop biscuit machine solution.

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Our biscuit production line is the primary choice for the production of both hard and soft biscuits. Each machine can provide various types of high-quality biscuits, such as cream biscuits, sandwiching biscuits, soda cracker biscuits, animal biscuits, vegetable biscuits, and more. There are also diversified options for heating sources (Electric, gas, fuel oil) depending on your needs.

Our cookie manufacturing machines offer Wire Cut, Rout Press Extruded, Co-Extruded, and Deposited functions for traditional high-fat soft doughs for cookies. This supports the production of a variety of typical cookie products, such as butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, drop cookies, spritz cookies, shortbread, fig bars, Viennese whirls, custard cream, & digestive biscuits, to name a few. Our machines also offer rotary molder/printing for products such as shortbread.

– Main Features
– Dough Mixer
– Laminating & Guage Roller

– Rotary Cutter
– Rotary Moulder
– Baking oven

– Dough Mixer
– Rotary drop cookie processing
– Extruded & wire cutter

– Rotary moulder
– Cookie tunnel oven
– Sandwhching & packing

Offering the ability to produce a wide selection of cake options, including cupcakes, Swiss rolls, layer cakes, and more, our cake machines are perfectly designed with the needs of cake manufacturers in mind. This also includes functions for batter mixing, aerating, and more to ensure as automated a cake manufacturing process as possible.

The wafer biscuit manufacturing machine is used to make wafer biscuits in a variety of dimensions with different capacities for customers’ options ranging from 27/39/45/41/63/75/87 baking plates. Typical products for a wafer machine include wafer biscuits, sugar wafers, wafer balls, cream-filled wafers, and all different varieties of wafer shapes

– Cake mixer
– Batter Depositing
– Baking oven

– Cake cooling & demolding
– Cutting and rolling & filling and injection
– Tray cleaning & Sterilization

– Batter mixer
– Wafer oven
– Sheet cooling system

– Cream system
– Cooling & cutting system

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In the food equipment manufacturing market for more than 40 years, we have become one of the leading suppliers in China’s food industry and has won many prestigious domestic and foreign technology and quality awards. Our main sense of identity is that hundreds of production lines and thousands of equipment have been successfully operated all over the world.


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From biscuit machine servicing to full-scope machine design and development, the specialists at Biscuit Machinery are here to support your company’s needs. We also offer comprehensive machine installation training and consultation, both in North America and internationally. So, whatever your requirements and goals may be, Biscuit Machinery is here to help.


Care the safety for the machine operator Care the food safety Care the machine life maintenance Conforms WHO, CSA,GMP, CE,UL, CSA standards compliance Warning and instructions on each part


Plant layout & Full Scope machine design Product development & update QC,ISO process control Proposal and budget analysis Formula consultation and support


North America & Oversea installation training and problemsolving North America mechanical & recipe base knowledge lesson Spare parts center system Quick Air Delivery of Accessories Online lesson for machine maintenance Software remote update Faster delivery times

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Our Custom Biscuit Manufacturing Projects

Naturally, each business in the manufacturing industry is going to have different requirements and needs. For this, Biscuit Manufacturing has worked with businesses both in Canada and overseas to facilitate custom machinery projects that meet their needs and requirements, both present and future. So, if your company has requirements that fall outside the standard biscuit manufacturing machine framework, speak with one of our team members, and let us work with you to find a solution.

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